What is popular at the moment? It can be a difficult and tiresome task to stay on top of constantly changing trends in the fashion world. But whatever your style, you can find something this season that speaks to your personal fashion choices. So look no further and read on to find out the top trends in women’s luxury bags this year.

    Circular designs

    One of the most prominent looks at the moment is the circular-designed purse. In particular, Louis Vuitton’s rounded purses are especially chic right now. This applies to a variety of bag styles – from bags with top handles, or a purse with long straps to wear across the body. Even tiny bags with a rounded design will be seen around this year and can complement a range of looks. 


    A clutch is handy as they can easily tuck under your arm so you can go about your day, and won’t clash with the length of your clothes. 

    If you are going for a small clutch and have limited room, you can’t go past the convenience of a designer cardholder to match and keep all your bank cards in easy reach. 

    Oversized Totes

    Totes are back in and are super handy as they have so much room for all your belongings and will even fit your bulky water bottle. The oversized tote is stylish but also diverse in that it can double as an overnight bag too. 


    Bold and bright colours are not in this season, with muted colours and simple designs being the trendiest thing you can do. This is beneficial to consumers as it means they can match with multiple different outfits and save you some pennies on multiple purchases. 


    When it comes to handbags this year, remember simple designs, oversized totes and rounded designs are some of the hottest trends. Buying anything with a price tag can be overwhelming, but women’s luxury bags hold their value, can lift any outfit and make you feel a million bucks. The most important thing is to find something that speaks to your personal style. If you want to purchase something new and exciting today, explore women’s luxury bags at Louis Vuitton today. 

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