Running a small business is a never-ending tangle of finding solutions, answering questions, balancing budgets and keeping customers happy. It’s a fast-moving, stressful undertaking, but one that usually results in worthwhile rewards, be it profitability, job satisfaction or community building. 

    Embarking on small business SEO might feel overwhelming and just another thing on your list to tackle. As a small business, you might also consider SEO an unnecessary part of your strategy but when used well, SEO puts companies of all sizes on an equal playing field, and in some instances allows smaller businesses to outshine their larger competitors. 

    Small business SEO is an essential part of growing your brand and your business. It will help you gain brand recognition, understand your customers and continue to grow and be successful. 

    Small business SEO strategies will build your brand 

    Google is without a doubt the most used and trusted search engine, utilised by hundreds of millions of people every day. The trust that users have in Google extends to the brands that appear high up in their search results – so while sitting at the top of Google’s search results matters for sales, it’s essential for your brand’s credibility. When your business sits at the top of the search page you appear both trustworthy and relevant. 

    Optimising your website will give you insight into your customers and what they want 

    Sitting at the top of the search results builds credibility but it also means you’re technically the easiest option for people searching online to select. Instead of scrolling through pages of search results, most people will click the top five or so links and browse from there. 

    While getting people on your site will likely lead to more sales and revenue, it will also give you insight into what people like – be it through tracking their movements, or asking them direct questions while they are there, you’ll gain essential insight which you can then use to tailor your offering. 

    An SEO strategy for a small business will help you grow 

    An SEO strategy will help your business grow in tangible and intangible ways. First and foremost, it will help your business grow through an increase in sales. 

    Your SEO strategy will extend to having an easy-to-use and useful website, with well-crafted content and a clear sales funnel. When customers click through, they’ll be more likely to spend time on your page and make a purchase because they are having a good time. 

    In the long term, having a clear strategy will help you measure success. You’ll track what is working well, and do away with what isn’t bringing in the results you want. A small business that is constantly evolving is more likely to grow and remain successful. 

    If you’re ready to learn more about how small business SEO can help your brand grow in sales and reputation, get in touch with Blurn – an agency with sixteen years of experience and countless customer success stories, from businesses large and small. 

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