5 Thrilling Netflix Shows to Watch in 2024

    In the continuously changing scenery of streaming entertainment, Netflix still manages to catch the audience’s attention with its huge variety of deep thrillers. The diversity of shows from compelling psychological dramas to nail-biting criminal sagas gives the platform an excellent reputation for hosting the most suspenseful and binge-worthy shows.

    Going further in 2024 tempt your taste with these five thriller Netflix series that are bound to have your heart skipping a beat. The best way to get a Netflix subscription is through a gift card, so you could check out the Netflix gift card code from U7BUY and redeem Netflix gift card code.


    This is going to be a no-spoilers article, so do not worry and have fun reading!

    Echoes (2022)

    Echoes serves as a thriller with a touch of psychological element; the story revolves around the two identical twins, Leni and Gina, who have been living two separate lives, switching places for the last 30 years without making it known to each other or the rest of the world.

    When one of the twins goes missing, their beautiful world is about to come off the rails, only to expose them as a target of a thrilling investigation that follows them down memory lane into their past and the catastrophic aftermath of this deceitful marriage.

    The Watcher (2022)

    Unbelievably, the plot of this movie was based on a true story. The Bannocks, a very ordinary family, had been dreaming of the moment when they would shift into their idyllic homeland in a quiet New Jersey suburb. However, the family was horrified when they became the victim of an anonymous stalker who called himself “The Watcher. ” He drove the Brannocks along the tortuous

    Safe (2018)

    This gripping British criminal drama focuses on a widowed surgeon and his teenage daughter Delaney who goes missing.  It is this makeup that Tom needs to dig deeper to find the past he has tried so hard to avoid. These feelings about her already injure Tom, but he is nevertheless thrust more deeply into a life that is perverted by lies, violence, and deceit, and in that process, he learns more about his own virtues and how they are being tested.

    You (2018)

    This is a psychological thriller that follows Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager whose humor and manner indicate that he is highly developed and constantly monitoring everyone around him. Joe is a writer who initially meets a young and aspiring writer named Guinevere Beck. 

    However, his passion turns into obsession when he realizes that Beck is the one he has been looking for, and he would even go to any length to become her love, including if it means eliminating anyone standing between them. 123

    Class (2023)

    Class tells an exciting drama that takes the viewers deeper into the tangled web of moguls, influence, and corruption in a prestigious school in the capital city of India. The moment the newbie shows up and disturbs the established norms, the whole structure of the high school is shaken; a sequence of events is bound to happen soon that will have everyone engrossed.


    In the last part of this article, I would like to recap that these five best Netflix series are crackling with various stories and characters, hence, they’ll for sure take audiences by storm. Either from the plot-bending twist of Echoes or the frightening obsession of You, every show has a guarantee to entertain a captivating and chilling viewing experience that will make you thirsty for more. If you are looking to know how to redeem Netflix gift card, you must check out U7BUY’s blog. All gift cards are at a cheaper price, so do visit!

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