Not everyone has the life of a movie star or Batman, where you can travel to the edge of the world with great ease. For that, you need a private jet, a private flying machine that takes you anywhere, and a space for anything you like.  

    Therefore, in the next section, we will talk about places where you can travel with a private jet. It will surely brighten up your summer and winter holidays and eventually fill your soul with incredible memories and moments to take forward in your life.  

    Top Places To Visit With A Private Jet  

    Our planet earth has many unique places that have unique traits, creating a paradise in the mortal world. Therefore, it is our responsibility to explore them and tell the world about them for others to see them as well.   

    Here are a few places to visit with a private jet as per the private jet charters in Saudi Arabia – 

    Quebec City, Canada 

    It is probably one of the ancient cities in the Northern American Continent. Its buildings show the influence of European architecture, especially with streets made of cobbled stones and old European architecture. It is a perfect paradise for winter holidays, where the greyness of snow brings about a nostalgic essence of old English sentiment.  

    Therefore, you can visit the city with your private jet and experience its old and ruggedness. You can stay at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and see the beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River. Moreover, you can hike yourself up to the Montmorency Falls or ski across the Laurentian Mountains to see the world up close.  

    Bay of Kotor, Montenegro 

    Another paradise on earth is the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro. It is one of the kept secrets, which even UNESCO recognizes. The place is exclusive for people with a private jet who immediately get into a boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It has mountains and medieval towns that take you back in time.  

    You can sail across the city to see some picturesque mountains and great architecture, such as churches and other buildings. Moreover, you can hike across the mountains, which is a pleasure for the eyes to see and behold. Also, you can try the local cuisine, which is an absolute delight to taste and try and the reason for thousands of people visiting the place every year.  

    Zaragoza, Spain  

    Another one on the list is Zaragoza, Spain. The city has some of the best architectural masterpieces, like Basilica del Pilar and La Seo Cathedral. They are a must-have destination in the city. Try their unique cuisine and flavors, which are certainly perfect for a private jet to stop at the city shores.  

    Besides, the city offers much more, especially because it allows adventure lovers to play ski sports or snowboard across the mountain. Hence, it makes a perfect place to take your family for holidays and enjoy the lush greenery and snow capped mountains. Also, there is space to play other snow sports, which will further make your day special and energized.  

    Saint-Tropez, France 

    Another place to visit this summer is Saint-Tropez, France. Millionaires come to this place to chill and take a break from their busy lives. It is known for its vibrant nightlife, where you can party all night and stay up until the morning.  

    Therefore, it should be on your bucket list whenever you set the date to fly across the sky. Also, it has some of the best hotels, resorts, and lavish bars where you can easily chill over the weekend. Moreover, you can also book a yacht to see around the area.  

    The Bottom Line  

    Now that you know the places you can visit with a private jet, why not take one from the Global Jet Centre? Our private jets are best in class and suited for every weather. You can also travel anywhere in the world with them.  


    Here are a few frequently asked questions –  

    Where can you fly with a private plane? 

    With a private plane, you can fly off to anywhere you want.  

    Do you need a visa if you fly privately? 

    Yes, you need a proper visa if you are flying abroad.  

    How much is a 2 seater private plane? 

    A 2 seater private plane will cost around 15,000 to 100,000 USD.  

    How many people can fit in a private jet? 

    No more than 20 people can fit in a luxurious private jet.  

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