So, we’re talking about that part of the wedding where the dad gets to say his father of the bride speech. You know, when he tells everyone how proud he is of his daughter and how excited he is about the whole new family thing. It’s not just about being proud; it’s a mix of all the feels as his daughter takes this big step. We’ve got some best father of the bride speeches examples to help you out. Ready?

    Father of the Bride Speech Examples You May Use

    So, writing a father of the bride speech? It can be challenging. It’s a pretty emotional gig for any dad, right? And there’s just so much you must say:

    • Opening words.
    • Expressing gratitude.
    •  About the bride.
    • Introducing the happy couple.
    • Words of wisdom.
    • Heartfelt toast.

    But no worries! With some help, you can whip up a brilliant father of the bride speech to make your daughter proud. Let’s make this speech a real winner.

    The Sentimental Father of the Bride Speech Template

    Good evening, everyone. I’m [your name], the father of the bride. Today, surrounded by love and the promise of a beautiful journey ahead, I’m deeply grateful for each of you joining us on this special day. Before we continue, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all who made today possible.

    To my beloved daughter, [bride’s name], you embody beauty, grace, and strength—a true testament to the remarkable woman you’ve become. My heart bursts with pride to call you my daughter.

    Now, let’s warmly welcome [groom’s name], the man who has captured the essence of [bride’s name]’s heart. His unwavering devotion and boundless affection light the path ahead as we embrace him into our family fold.

    As you embark on this sacred journey together, may your love always provide solace, cherish every shared moment, and offer unwavering support through life’s trials and triumphs. May your love bloom endlessly, filling your lives with immeasurable joy and boundless blessings.

    Here’s to the enduring happiness and profound love shared by [couples’ names]. To the newlyweds, may your hearts beat as one in the grand adventure of life.

    The Shortest Father of the Bride Speeches Example

    Dear friends and family, I’m James, the bride’s proud father. It’s a joy to have you all here today. Before we continue, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this day possible.

    My heart swells with love for my daughter, [bride’s name], who has grown into a remarkable woman before our eyes.

    Let’s welcome [groom’s name] and his parents with open arms. Your love for [bride’s name] has touched us deeply. To the happily married couple!

    Humorous Father of the Bride Speech

    Hey everyone! I’m [your name], the proud father of the bride. I am so glad to see you all here today. And don’t worry — I’ll keep this speech shorter than it takes for my daughter to prepare!

    Tell me a bit about my daughter, [bride’s name]. From her childhood antics to her adult adventures, she’s always been a handful — in the best way possible. [Bride’s name], you look stunning, and I couldn’t be prouder.

    Let’s also give it up for [groom’s name] and his awesome parents, [parents’ names]. Ethan, buddy, you’ve officially joined the crazy train. Welcome aboard!

    As you two dive into marriage, remember to keep laughing, even when life gets a little nutty. Here’s to a lifetime of inside jokes and hilarious memories!

    Cheers to [couples’ names], the dynamic duo!

    Pro Tip: Wrap up your father of the bride speech structure with a toast. And hey, if you need more clarification on the toast, there are tons of samples to choose from!


    The father of the bride speech is a highlight of any wedding reception. It’s your moment to share how proud you are of your daughter and celebrate her happiness with everyone. Feeling nervous? No worries. We’ve got your back with simple examples of the father of the bride speeches.

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