Cricket betting offers a plethora of betting markets, providing punters with diverse options to wager on various aspects of the game. From predicting the match winner to analyzing individual player performances, there’s something for everyone in cricket betting markets. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different types of cricket betting markets available on platforms like, helping you understand the nuances of each market and make informed betting decisions.

    1. Match Winner

    Description: The most straightforward and popular cricket betting market, where punters predict the outcome of a specific match—whether Team A, Team B, or a draw—before the start of the game.

    Strategy: Consider factors such as team form, recent performance, head-to-head records, pitch conditions, and weather forecasts when assessing match winner odds. Analyze team strengths and weaknesses to identify value opportunities and potential upsets.

    2. Series Winner

    Description: Similar to match winner betting, but focused on predicting the overall winner of a cricket series, which comprises multiple matches played between two teams.

    Strategy: Take into account team dynamics, home advantage, historical performance, and injury updates when evaluating series winner odds. Look for betting opportunities where teams have a competitive edge or favorable conditions.

    3. Over/Under Runs/Wickets

    Description: Involves predicting whether a specific statistical outcome—such as total runs scored in an innings, total wickets taken by a team, or the number of sixes hit in a match—will be higher (over) or lower (under) than a predetermined threshold set by the bookmaker.

    Strategy: Analyze pitch conditions, team batting and bowling strengths, recent performance trends, and historical data to assess the likelihood of exceeding or falling short of the specified threshold. Look for value opportunities where odds deviate from your assessment of the outcome.

    4. Player Performance Bets

    Description: Focuses on individual player performances, allowing punters to bet on various metrics such as total runs scored by a batsman, total wickets taken by a bowler, or whether a specific player will score a fifty or century in the match.

    Strategy: Research player statistics, recent form, and historical performance against specific oppositions to inform your player performance bets. Consider factors such as batting/bowling order, playing conditions, and match situations when assessing player performance odds.

    5. Method of Dismissal

    Description: Involves predicting how a specific batsman will be dismissed in a match, with options including caught, bowled, lbw (leg before wicket), run out, stumped, or any other method.

    Strategy: Analyze the playing style and weaknesses of the batsman, as well as the bowling tactics and field placements of the opposition, to assess the likelihood of each dismissal method. Look for opportunities where odds reflect the probability of a less common dismissal method.

    6. First Innings Lead

    Description: Predicts which team will have the lead after the first innings of a Test match or multi-day game, taking into account factors such as batting conditions, pitch behavior, and team strengths.

    Strategy: Assess the batting lineup and performance history of both teams, as well as the conditions and pitch characteristics, to determine which team is likely to establish a first innings lead. Look for value opportunities where odds underestimate the chances of a team taking the lead.

    7. Boundary Markets

    Description: Focuses on the number of boundaries (fours and sixes) scored in a match, with options including total boundaries by a team or individual players, as well as the total number of boundaries in a specific innings.

    Strategy: Consider factors such as batting aggression, pitch conditions, ground dimensions, and bowling quality when assessing boundary markets. Look for opportunities to exploit mismatches in batting power and bowling effectiveness to identify value bets.


    Cricket betting markets offer punters a wide range of options to wager on different aspects of the game, from predicting match outcomes to analyzing individual player performances and specific match events. By understanding the nuances of each betting market and employing informed betting strategies, punters can enhance their cricket betting experience and potentially turn a profit on platforms like 96in. Whether you prefer traditional match winner bets or exotic player performance markets, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get involved and enjoy the excitement of cricket betting. So explore the diverse range of cricket betting markets available and find the ones that suit your preferences and betting style!

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