The bedside table is one of the most functional and important pieces of furniture in any bedroom. It provides a convenient spot to place a lamp for nighttime reading, store books and magazines, and keep items like glasses, phones, and chargers within easy reach of the bed. A well-chosen bedside table can also be a stylish accent that complements your bedroom’s design. 

    If you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom with a fresh, modern bedside table, this buying guide will cover all the key considerations to help you select the perfect option for your space and needs.

    Size Matters

    The size is one of the first factors to consider when choosing a bedside table. Too small and it won’t provide enough surface area for your essentials. Too large, and it could overpower or cramp your bedroom.

    As a general guideline, look for bedside tables that are around 24-28 inches wide and 16-22 inches deep. The height should be approximately the same as the level of your mattress. This allows you to comfortably reach over from lying down.

    Don’t forget to measure the area you have in mind to ensure your new nightstand will fit in your room while around the bed.

    Style & Material

    Modern bedside tables are available in a variety of styles, ranging from sleek and minimalist to bold and sculptural, to complement any décor preference. The material plays a significant role in determining the appearance and texture of a nightstand.

    Do you appreciate the tidy design and sophistication of mid-century style? Search for choices in cosy woods such as walnuts with slanted legs. Those who enjoy industrial or rustic aesthetics might choose the natural appeal of metal. If you wish to make a statement, think about using bedside tables with high-gloss lacquered finishes, distinctive shapes, or built-in lighting.

    Storage Needs

    Many modern bedside tables have built-in storage to help reduce clutter and clear off flat surfaces. Some popular options include:

    • Open shelves

    • Drawers

    • Cabinets or enclosed cubbies

    Open shelving is great for easy access to reading material, while drawers allow you to store items that are not visually appealing. Cabinets with doors or cubbies are perfect for hiding away tablets, laptops, or other larger objects.

    Think about what types of items you need to store and how you prefer to access them when evaluating your storage needs. A combination of open and closed storage is ideal.

    Special Features

    Basic nightstands work well for most people, but there are also clever modern designs with special features worth considering based on your needs.

    Built-in lighting is a luxurious touch that makes nighttime reading easier on the eyes. Some tables even incorporate wireless charging stations to keep phones and devices powered up.

    For small spaces, look for bedside tables with slim profiles that can be mounted directly to the wall or bed frame. These save valuable floor space.

    Nightstands with casters or wheels are another great option if you’d like the flexibility to move them out of the way as needed.

    Quality Construction 

    Well-made bedside tables are an investment that should look beautiful and provide benefits for years to come. Look for quality construction like Solid wood, wood veneer, or durable man-made materials

    While browsing furniture options, be sure to test the functionality of drawers and doors. They should glide smoothly without wobbling or jarring movements, as it could indicate poor craftsmanship.  Minor adjustments may be corrected easily, but significant looseness or misalignment is a red flag.  Pay close attention to the details too, such as well-finished interior surfaces and soft-closing hinges – these thoughtful touches suggest the piece was constructed with longevity and user experience in mind for enduring quality over time.

    Concluding Thoughts

    We hope that our comprehensive bedside table buying guide has provided you with valuable insights and simplified the process of selecting the ideal modern bedside table for your bedroom. Amid the vast array of choices available for bedsides in Perth, we are confident that you now possess the knowledge to make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and preferences. Enjoy the shopping experience, and may you find the perfect nightstand to complement your space seamlessly.

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