A criminal defence lawyer is a legal specialist with expertise in the laws surrounding crimes. Their main role is in representing and protecting those accused of committing crimes or those accusing others of doing so.

    The role of a criminal defence lawyer extends far beyond the court room and their work on a criminal justice case begins several months or even years before they need to represent a client in court. Below, we have covered the many things that an expert criminal defence lawyer, such as those at Pringle Law, can help you with.

    Legal Counselling

    Criminal defence lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about the laws surrounding crimes and their associated punishments. They can provide legal counselling to inform you of your rights and responsibilities if you’re accused of a crime or have had a crime committed against you.

    They can also advise you of the most suitable actions to take (and what not to do) if you’re in the middle of a case to ensure the best outcome.

    Representation in Court

    If your legal case ends up going to court, a trusted criminal defence lawyer will represent you in front of the judge and jury. Whether you’re the accuser or you’ve been accused of committing a crime by somebody else, your lawyer will protect your rights and do everything within their power to minimise your risk or penalties.

    In the courtroom, your chosen criminal defence lawyer might present evidence to support your case and interrogate the other party’s witnesses to find potential weaknesses in their stories. They will use their persuasive skills to argue the case in your favour and increase your chance of a successful outcome.

    Thorough Investigations

    Part of any lawyer’s job, whether they are looking into personal injury settlements, family matters, or car accident claims, involves performing thorough investigations.

    A criminal defence lawyer will conduct in-depth investigations into their clients’ cases to gather evidence in their support. Investigations may involve interviewing witnesses, accessing police reports or medical records, and gathering any other evidence that can increase their clients’ chances of winning their cases.

    As part of their investigations, they will collate all of the relevant information and ensure it is presentable to a judge and jury.

    Future Protection

    The main goal of a criminal defence lawyer is to protect your rights, and this includes your current and future rights. They will listen to the details of your case and collect as much evidence as possible in your favour to protect you from wrongful or false accusations or other people’s crimes.

    Whether your criminal defence lawyer is working to prove your innocence, reduce your charges, or ensure the other party is punished for committing a crime against you, they will be by your side at every step of the investigation and court processes.

    A great attorney is likely to win your case, and this means that your future is protected. You won’t have a criminal record due to a crime you didn’t commit, or you may spend less time in prison for a crime you have committed, thanks to your lawyer’s expertise and persuasive abilities.

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